Crest Ridge R-VII Education Foundation Classroom Grant APPLICATION

Who may apply?

Any Crest Ridge R-VII teacher may apply. Collaborative projects are encouraged and need to be submitted on one application. This grant is awarded based on merit; therefore teachers may apply even if they have been awarded a grant from a prior year.

How are the grants awarded?

To ensure anonymity during the selection process, persons who review the applications will not have access to applicants’ names. Please TYPE the application, be sure NOT to include any names that would identify people involved in the project.

How may the grant money be used?

Funds may be used for books (other than textbooks), audio-visual materials, computer software, supplies, equipment, field trips and other materials necessary for projects or to enhance your classroom or district curriculum.

How is a grant application submitted?

Please use the PDF file or Word file for submitting your grant application. Proposals need to be typed and be six pages in length or less. If partial funding of the project is acceptable, please note it on the application and specify how partial funding would be used. Number of classroom grants depends on the amount of funds raised the prior year. The Education Foundation Board allocated 30% of funds from the previous year’s fundraising to be spent on classroom grants. For the 2018-2019 school year, four $500 grants will be awarded.

How is the money disbursed and managed?

Money will be given to the grant recipient(s) for the amount awarded. The money will be deposited in the appropriate district activity account. This method ensures recipients will then be able to make purchases for their project without having to pay sales tax. All funds for the grants need to be spent by the end of the grantyear. Receipts and records of expenses need to be maintained. Funds need to be spent by the end of the current school year.

The Education Foundation would like to have a short summary of your project or how the classroom grant impacted the learning within the classroom or impacted students. These summaries may be shared in future Education Foundation reports and/or fundraising campaigns to the community, district, patrons and donors.

For further information please contact the Education Foundation Committee.

Grant Request Timeline for each Grant Year

*Grant proposal development—August to September 30

*Deadline for submission of applications—September 30

*Review of proposals—first week of October

*Notification to applicant—second/third week of October

*All funds expended—by end of year

*Summary of project due to Education Foundation-May 15