Andruss-Gudde Chapter

National Honor Society Selection Procedures

1. Students’ academic records are reviewed to determine if they meet the minimum eligibility standards:
A) Must be a member of the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class.
B) Must have an accumulative 3.33 class rank average.
C) Shall have spent the equivalent of one semester in attendance at Crest Ridge High School.

2. Students who are eligible scholastically are notified and told that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter, they may complete the “Newbie” process of collecting service hours to the school and community to earn a total of 60 points minimum.

3. Rating forms are given to all faculty members. The faculty is given the opportunity to see the Newbie service time logs completed by the students. These forms are returned to the NHS sponsor. Understand, however, that the actual selections must be made by the five appointed members of the faculty council.

4. The “Newbie” time log and a summary of the faculty forms are reviewed by the faculty council, along with any other verifiable information about each candidate.

5. The Faculty Council votes on each eligible student individually. Candidates receiving a majority vote of the faculty council will be inducted into the chapter.

6. A formal induction ceremony is conducted in the fall of every year to complete the process.

Although you are to be commended for maintaining a high scholastic average, please understand that membership is not guaranteed to anyone. The final decision is made by the Faculty Council.