Crest Ridge Cougars

Hello Crest Ridge Families!

As we enter into a new season of illness going around, there are a few pieces of information that are important to note.

Please remember that when we get back together, we often pass all sorts of illnesses around and they can present themselves in various, yet similar ways. But, of course, we are aware that COVID has reared its head yet again with some new strains and we want to share our intended procedures with you. We intend to follow the latest guidance that we were operating under with the most recent strain:

  • If your child tests positive for COVID by a doctor’s office, with an official doctor’s note, then Crest Ridge nursing staff will follow the procedure that a student will be out for five days beginning at the onset of symptoms (not the test date)
  • If your child tests positive using a home test, although somewhat reliable, this is not official. In this case our nursing staff will expect that a student return when fever-free for 24 hours
  • Masks are never expected, but are optional and can be worn if preferred

We already have many things going around and will treat general illnesses as we always have. Our primary imperative is to have every student in school every day. This gives all of us the greatest opportunities for success. Please take care of your family but also work to be here so that we can maximize opportunities with your children. Thank you!


Dr. Heather Gross