Crest Ridge Plans for Return in August

Dear Crest Ridge Community,

The Crest Ridge School District is making plans for our return to school August 24th. A full school reentry plan will be shared with our community during the week of August 10th.   Though communications from school to community will occur prior to this date, we feel the most accurate and useful comprehensive reentry plan needs the most recent academic and safety information available.  Two weeks prior to the start of school is when we feel that information will be up-to-date as possible and still give everyone adequate time to review and prepare for the start of school.

We are currently operating a K-5 summer school at Crest Ridge Elementary.  Over 70 students are enrolled and learning.  Staff and students are following health protocols and to date we have had no interruption that would require us to shut down.  We are also allowing students at the middle and high schools to participate in athletic related classes and clinics with the same parameters.  The students that we have on campus this summer give us confidence that we will be better prepared for the challenges of the normal school year start-up.  Like this summer, health and safety precautions our district will follow when school begins include the following:

  • Advanced disinfection of facilities and buses with extended cleaning
  • Hand sanitizing stations in all classrooms
  • Masks made available for daily use  
  • Social distancing as recommended by the health department 
  • Limit larger indoor gatherings (no assemblies, etc.)
  • No classroom sharing of school supplies

At this time, we are interested in surveying our families to get a better idea of how we can plan more effectively to educate your child(ren) given the likely challenges we will continue to face during the start up of the school year.  Please take the parent survey at to assist in the development of our reentry plan for Crest Ridge.