Dear Crest Ridge Families,

Below you will see the multiple options that exist that our school may use to ensure the safety of students and staff.  At this time, there are three options for school closings for the Crest Ridge R VII School District:

  • Option 1 - Delayed Start
  • Option 2 - Cancellation
  • Option 3 - Early Dismissal

If inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.) is nearing an end, the District may choose to have a delayed start.  School will begin approximately two (2) hours later than normal starting time.  School will be dismissed at the normal dismissal time.   If we use this option, the schools will not be open for student drop off at the regular time.  They will open about two hours later or the specified time.  Buses would run their regular routes, according to the delayed start.  This option will help with students standing in frigid temperatures early in the mornings.  This delay allows daylight to assist in safer transportation for busses, staff, and student drivers.  This delayed start will allow the street/road/highway crews time to clear roads and apply salt, sand, etc. 

If the inclement weather entails extreme conditions (wind chill, excessive snow or ice, etc.) school will be cancelled.

If the inclement weather moves in during the school day and we believe it would be in the best interest of safety for our students and staff to dismiss early, we will do so.  This is usually two (2) hours early but that could change due to the situation.

There are several ways families can receive information about school closings for the Crest Ridge School District.  The best way is for you download our app from the App Store or Google Play.  This will ensure you get instant notification of weather related information.  Our website at www.crestridge.org will also post information under “LIVE FEED”.  Area radio stations and Kansas City TV stations will be notified, but not before we post to our district website and app.

Thanks for your support in keeping our students safe!


Brett Gray

Superintendent of Schools